Powering Creativity - Air, Fuel, Heat October 28 - December 30 @ the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany.

The OVCE Cycle of Art

The mission of Ohio Valley Creative Energy is engage the community in fire arts through the use of landfill methane.

OVCE Board at Site

OVCE Board at Future Facility Site

OVCE Board at Future Facility Site

Ohio Valley Creative Video

A still image from the video project,
“Turning Trash into Treasure”

This is a stop animation video in which  OVCE artists worked with a group of students at Meyzeek Middle School in Louisville, KY.  The video serves to illustrate the mission of OVCE and the process of hosehold trash becoming landfill methane.  Once completed, the OVCE facility will utilize landfill methane to provide low cost studio space and educational opportunities for people throughout the region.