Easy Ways To Take Healthy Foods and Snacks

If you are focusing on eating in a healthy manner throughout the day, it is important to plan accordingly for when you are out at work or away from you home. These are the times when it can be difficult to stick with your plan. More often than not when you are away at work, simply giving in and going to the nearest fast food restaurant or eating at the workplace cafeteria is an option many people choose.

However if improving your daily nutrition is top priority to help you lose weight, it may not be wise to eat at these places since most offer tempting meals not particularly nutritious and low in calories. Here are 5 ways you can ensure that healthy food is with you at all times when you are away from your home which will help you stick with your weight loss plan.

Use These 5 Easy Ways To Take Travel Food & Snacks With You

1. When Cooking Dinner, Simply Double The Recipe
When you are preparing dinner, an easy way to make sure you have adequate leftovers for the following day(s) is to double, or even triple the recipe for whatever you are preparing for you and your family. By doing so you will ensure that you will have plenty afterwards to pack away in travel containers for lunch the next day. If you have multiple leftovers you can always freeze extra portions and just get them out when needed.

2. When Eating at a Restaurant, Ask For A To Go Box Right Away
When you are focused on eating in a healthy manner you know the importance of eating an appropriate portion size at all meals. Often restaurants provide excess amounts of food regardless what you order. Therefore since meals at restaurants generally have double or even triple the amount of calories needed for one meal, an easy way to lessen that amount is to ask for a “to go” box (also commonly known as a doggie bag) when your meal is served. Immediately put half the portion away and you will now have a lunch sized meal in your hands for the next day and a appropriately sized meal left in front of you.

3. Prepare Travel Sized Snack Bags
Since it’s a healthy practice to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, one way to help make sure this happens is to prepare travel sized snack bags to keep in your refrigerator. An easy way to prepare for this is to spend a moment at night and slice the fruit into small pieces and mix to your liking. Then simply put into small travel containers or plastic bags and they are ready to go. You can then put a few in the frig and store the others in the freezer for later use.

4. Prepackaged Travel Snacks
Some snacks are already packaged in a way so they can simply be thrown into a lunch bag and eaten on the go. Snacks such as granola bars, boxes of raisins, most fruits, some vegetables, and yogurt are ready to eat and need no preparation time. Some just need to be placed in sandwich bags such as rice cakes and almonds. When you combine these snacks along with a bottle of water, you have the perfect snack that’s hovering right around 100 calories. You’ll find this is filling enough to tide you over to your next meal and it’s great for your body.

5. Healthy Wraps, Sandwiches, and Salads
For those who may not have access to a microwave or just want something different that is healthy, a sandwich, wrap, or salad can be the way to go. Again, these take very little time to prepare yet if you do it right, you will find that this type of lunch will only range between 200-400 calories if you keep a watchful eye on the ingredients and condiments you use.

Keep these points in mind. Stick with dressings that are low in calories like Italian. Stay away from mayonnaise and cheese if possible. If you use mustard and pickles instead you may not even notice those other two are missing. Also keep in mind to use whole wheat bread and wraps that are healthier for you. A healthy wrap or salad along with a small bag of almonds/raisins and a large bottle of water and you have yourself a wonderful, great tasting lunch!

Delight Of The Senses

is distinguished worldwide for its authentic cuisine and spices. When it comes to sweets, with the widest range of sugary delicacies, milk sweets, confectioneries and deserts, Indian sweets are equally famous and in high demand. Keeping in mind both the traditional and modern food, at present, Indian food and sweets have gone par excellence in its taste, tang, presentations and multiplicity. No wonder Indian sweets are a demanded lot in overseas cities. Since India coalesce numerous cultures, traditions and cuisines, the cooking method and ingredients varies from one sweet to another. That’s how Indian sweets can be categorized into an enormous variety.

Bengali sweets or Misthi – the integral part of all the celebration in Bengali families are now an integral part of all celebrations for the rest of Indian families too. Misthi Dahi, Pakiza, Pista King, Malai Rabdi, Badam Angoori Petha, Rasgulla etc. are some of the mouth watering Bengali sweets. All Bengali sweets are usually Chenna based, which is unique feature as in other parts of India sweets are usually khoya based like Kalakand, Til Buggha, Gulukund Barfi, Kesar Peda, etc. Khoya based sweets or solidified milk sweets are very much popular in North India. Any traditional celebration, be it an Indian marriage or a birthday celebration, New Year or Diwali, without these milk sweets the party would still probably be fun but not as sweeter.

A forte of Indian recipe is the use of spices and herbs in nearly all of the cuisine and widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian customs. If spoken about snacks, various yummy and regional snack foods do pop into the mind of Indian people. Advent of snack industry in India has enlarged the choices which enable people to snack inconspicuously with absolutely no compromise on palatable taste. The stupendous taste of a snack – salty, sour, sweet, yummy, yucky, does create a sensation in the taste buds. Chaat and namkeen are among the best tasting Indian snacks. Tangy, easy to eat with the hands, and amazingly varied – the ‘Chaat’ takes advantage of the rich library of spices in the Indian kitchen, ranging from precisely spiced puffed crisp breads known as puris, stuffed breads which may be filled with anything from potatoes to other ground vegetables. An assortment of dipping sauces such as raita and richly spiced ground chili dips are served with chaat, along with various garnishes. Various regions of India have explicit chaat specialties which are hard to find anywhere else, and some chaat is limited to distinctive districts within Indian cities or provinces.

Putting an End to Fast Food and Snacks

Before you can even say “snack”, it seems that those extra pounds pile up in a blink of an eye. People love food and it isn’t just a need; it is an element of satisfaction in daily life. Most of the human activities seem to revolve around food, and even when they don’t, they are followed by a meal. So, it is only natural for so many people to get carried away with snacks and fast food without noticing. So what’s the solution? Go on a diet?

Recent studies show that our body is highly flexible when it comes to lifestyles; our bodies are designed to handle stress, danger, and more importantly famine. So nowadays, going on a diet, only makes your body push the big emergency button and try its best to keep you alive. Your body directly sees any dieting efforts as starvation, starts storing any incoming food, and lowers your metabolism.

A common problem is the consumption of fast food, snacks, and soda. Fast food is an expert con-artist when it comes to digestion, your body can’t see that a burger has the caloric equivalent of an entire meal, so it would just ask for more food. So most people eat more, snack on fries, and then drink large amounts of soda. In a matter or a week or so, the fat cells start receiving more goodies to store causing weight gain. A couch potato lifestyle doesn’t exactly help in such a process, since there is no excess consumption of calories.

Snacks are yet another menace to a healthy diet; always at an arm’s reach, they seem like the perfect remedy for a hunger attach. A good idea for a snack would be fruits between meals. You can try apples or bananas, since they are easy to eat – no need for a knife.

The Effects of Fast Food and Snacks

Gaining weight is very easy, but it is very hard to lose it back. Most people like to eat and going on a diet is not easy. It can even have psychological and physical effects on people. Giving up a pleasure like eating is something nobody likes to do. That is why many people become even fatter and they stop their fight to lose the weight. Losing weight tips are very welcome in such cases.

According to recent statistics our body is not responding to dieting like doctors were thinking it should. Our body needs to adapt to changes. Diets are considered lean periods and although the body is one of the most complex instruments in the world, it is not able to see the difference between diets and lean times.

The use of snacks, fast food and soft drinks is another problem that the body encounters. After eating fast food your stomach wants more, because this highly powered food is fooling your stomach. For example a big burger is the same amount of calorie as an entire meal, but for most people it is not enough to fill their stomach. So they eat more than one, they eat fries with it and they drink a soft drink, that is the equivalent of sugared water after that. This is not a good way of eating. The body is getting way more than it needs from these kind of foods. As if that is not enough most people are living a sedentary lifestyle. The consequence is that the calories that are too much are being stored as fat.

Another threat to healthy eating and living is snacks. Usually snacks have too many calories and they are used like something to attack the hunger. A good alternative for snacks are fruits that you can eat in between meals. When you are used to eating chips, chocolate and other types of snacks of course the fruit will not taste good at first as a snack.

One of the losing wight tips that does work is to ignore the temptation you may be having of snacks. When you replace the snack with fruit you will eventually get used to it. An important thing to remember is that you can kick a habit as easily is the habit has taken root. After you have lost interest in snacks and are eating fruit every day, you will wonder what was so good about them.