The Difference Between Alkaline And Acidic Foods

Cancer and other auto-immune diseases are at an all-time high in our nation. One in four Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and one in three will die from the disease. These are staggering statistics and it has the medical field looking for answers that can slow down the spread of cancer, and other diseases like it. An autoimmune disease affects the “engine” of our system so it cannot put up defenses when a disease comes into the body and because of the damaged cells, ‘free radicals’ multiply in the system and damage entire areas. In cancer, it shows up in breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, etc.

In recent years science has made some interesting discoveries concerning how to prevent these immune diseases, including cancer. One area that was researched is the relationship of your diet to cancer. We all have heard that if you eat well, cutting out junk foods that you’ll be healthier, but we didn’t know why, so we continued eating all these ‘bad’ foods. Using the Pyramid levels of food groups only separates the foods, but creating and maintaining an alkaline system to prevent disease uses the food that you eat to maintain the ph level, and that is different.

When food is eaten, it is taken into the body and digested for its nutrients. There are only two categories of foods when you look at food this way, and junk food is still on the undesirable list because it is all empty calories and has very negative results in your body. This group of foods is the acidic foods, and the list includes all fried foods, foods made with white sugar, white flour, chemicals, and preservatives. These are actually the highly acidic foods, and should never be eaten because they are so toxic to the body. They set the alkaline level in your system to dangerously low numbers, and a high alkaline system is what you want your body to have

it is a system with high ph levels. There are some more acidic foods that can be eaten in moderation, and they include the rest of the acidic foods – lean meats, dairy products, pastas, cheeses, beans and legumes, oils, coffee, soft drinks, fructose and honey. All of these foods are acidic producing, so they should be eaten sparingly in organic or natural form.

The bulk of an alkaline diet should come from the alkaline-producing group. They are vegetables, preferably fresh or frozen, most fruits, nuts and seeds, oats, millet, barley, eggs, organic chicken which has no steroids, herb teas and oriental vegetables. As you can see, this list is full of foods that are healthy for the body, and produce an alkaline environment when digested. A typical diet would include 80% from the alkaline list and only 20% from the acidic list everyday, and this is hard for a generation that has been brought up on the high acidic fast foods and snacks. If we are going to fight cancer and other diseases that come against us, raising the ph level with alkaline foods has been proven to stop the disease cells from multiplying.

Summer Foods and Summer Snacks

Once summer starts and school is out, the number one thing to look forward to is the relaxed schedule you’ll have with no worries about getting the kids ready for school, making lunch, picking them up and dropping them off at their after school activities and what not. But it also means planning summer activities for kids and for those moms who rely on schools to provide a healthy lunch there is the added task of finding healthy food and snacks for the kids. Most kids are likely to turn to pretzels, chips and fizz drinks because they aren’t given a better option.

A lot of people never really plan for a separate kids meal or kids snack and that either means that the kids are running around the supermarket picking whatever has the most sugar or getting snacks from vending machines. Then there are all those summer parties that kids will definitely go to, whether they’re kids’ parties or grown-up ones, the chances that there’s something healthy to eat are small. At parties, there’s either champagne or soda or both and while you can let food like that slide on parties it doesn’t work for everyday summer snacking.

The best thing to do of course is to try and give kids a good menu at their parties at the very least. Instead of soda and fizz drinks serve fresh fruit juice. In summer you have so much fruit available that buying boxes of juice or serving carbonated drinks just isn’t smart. You have a whole world of smoothies and juices out there that’s great not just for parties but for ordinary everyday drinks. Summer is when kids love to play outdoors, it’s the baseball season or some other season and juice and smoothies are the best way the kids can stay hydrated.

Similarly fruit itself can also be a great snack and should be at the top of your menu for parties. Most people find it somewhat tiresome to have to cut so much fruit for a party and just putting it out there doesn’t really give it a wow factor but they can always go for fruit bouquets. Fruit bouquets are fresh fruit arrangements that look like flowers, the fruit can be dipped in chocolate (dark or white). The Peanut butter chocolate bouquet is a good choice, especially for a kids party, the fruit is dipped in peanut butter and chocolate and that gives it that bit festive taste the kids will love.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet

While a type 2 diabetes diet will not cure the disease, there are dietary principles you can abide by that will assure you remain as healthy as possible. Fact is, a type 2 diet is simply good nutrition. A lot of people are unskilled in abiding by a sensible diet, but as soon as you get used to it, eating right will become part of your daily routine.

“Junking food”

When a person starts a type 2 diabetes diet, it’s most effective to abide by the nutrition guideposts in the Food Pyramid, with extra focus on carbohydrate consumption. In addition, diabetics must observe a regular meal schedule with portion control.

Starches are permitted in a diabetes diet, if you regulate servings and do not overdo it. Starches are found in bread, cereal, and certain vegetables like corn, potatoes, squash, beans and peas. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This can be accomplished by snacking on fruit during the day. Believe it or not, you can still eat sweets with a type 2 diabetes diet, but go easy on them, like no more than two times weekly.

Soluble fibers are beneficial as they assist in decelerating and minimizing the absorption of glucose from the intestines. You can get them from fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Legumes, like as cooked kidney beans, have the highest measure of soluble fibers, and in addition keep blood sugar levels under control. Insoluble fibers, found whole grains, bran and nuts, are are important too because they help to clean the lower intestinal tract.

Getting in touch with a dietitian is the most effective way to get started on a type 2 diabetes diet. Always stay in touch with your doctor and nutrition adviser to ensure your diet plan is the best one for you. Dieticians take into consideration your overall health profile, and your preferred foods to formulate a plan that will keep you in good health and allow you to enjoy eating.

Diabetic Foods and Snacks

The diabetic food available today is both tasty and may help to keep your blood glucose more balanced. The only way to find out the food’s influence on your body is to test your blood sugar before you eat it and about 2 hours later. The rise in glucose should be 50 points or less – use this as a guideline. Diabetic snack bars such as Glucerna or Extend are readily available on the market. They contain different starches that help to reduce the fluctuations in blood sugar.

These starches, along with sugar alcohols are used to help you. Sugar alcohol is a carbohydrate that has less of an impact on your blood sugar levels so you must still consider the portion that you are consuming. Nothing is free! Some people require a snack at night so they wake up with a healthy fasting blood sugar. If you go to sleep with a lower blood sugar reading of about 80 mg/dL, let’s say, and wake up with 160 mg/dL you may be experiencing the Somogyi Effect. This means that overnight your blood sugar levels are dropping and your liver secretes extra glucose into the bloodstream to protect you from dropping to dangerous levels. It tends to be too generous though! Therefore, by eating the diabetic snack bars it will release the glucose more slowly into your bloodstream over several hours and you can reduce the chance of this from happening.

There are many products created for people with diabetes. By reading the food label and looking at the “total carbohydrate” you will see the amount of grams that will turn into sugar. “Sugar” listed under the heading of “total carbohydrate” reveals the processed sugar and/or the natural fruit or milk sugar. Sugar alcohol will not be listed under sugar. It is not considered a sugar, it’s considered a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates turn 100% into sugar within about 1-2 hours. The sugar alcohol also turns into sugar but it does so more slowly – a benefit for people with diabetes. Another popular product on the “sugar free” market is the sugar free cookie.

Sugar free cookies taste good and will turn into sugar more slowly than an ordinary cookie. Please remember, if you eat twice as many, you will gain weight from consuming more calories and it will have more of an effect on your blood glucose levels. Sugar free simply means no processed or natural sugar in the product. It does not mean that it has zero carbohydrates. The sugar is removed from the cookie and replaced by sugar alcohol, however, the remaining carbohydrate, the flour, will still turn into sugar. Again, test your blood sugar to see the effect on YOUR body.