Dieting and Snack Time

Ok, we know dieting or watching what you are eating is easy on paper, but not so easy in real life.
And snacking is probably a very large part of your dieting plan, right?

Let’s see if by making just a few changes in the way you do things we can make it a lot easier for you to pick better snack choices. Let’s face it, better snack choices can definitely make a difference as to if your diet will work or not.

One of the first points to ask is…

How do you shop? Do you impulse buy as you are going up and down the aisles of your grocery store or do you have a list in your hand and you pretty much stick to it?

If you are an impulse buyer, you may want to make some changes starting right now. Impulse buying equals more fat content, more sodium on that label, more processed sugar, and overall less of the good stuff that you want to put into your body. I don’t think I’m very far off here, am I?

MAKE A LIST before you get inside of that grocery store!

Do you have fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, whole grain crackers, low fat cheese, and low-fat or skim milk on that list?

If the items you have on your list fit easily in a food group such as fruit, vegetable, dairy, grain, or protein, you should be good. Avoid the chips, the items with processed sugar, the JUNK food you probably already have waiting in your cupboards at home to entice you off of your diet.

Beware of the drinks you down every day. They can make up a very large part of your calorie or fat intake each day. Are you drinking lots of water, natural fruit juices (like apple juice) and sports drinks or are you still drinking a couple cans of soda a day? Maybe you like sweet tea or fruit punch and consume those by the gallon? Be careful as this type of liquid can be very high in calories but very low in nutrients. Try to choose drinks that will supplement a healthy diet, not sabotage it! Also, try to stay away from alcohol as, again, it will sabotage your diet.

Now once you have that food on your grocery list bought and paid for and you bring it home…

Do you still have all of that junk food sitting on the counter or in your cupboards waiting to be consumed?
After all, you bought all of this good healthy food that’s going to help you keep to your diet, but do you think you are going to make good choices if the “good stuff” is sitting next to the “bad stuff”?

Let’s get real! When you open the refrigerator and look inside, are you going to choose that juicy red apple or the fattening empty calorie cream horn sitting right next to it? Hmmm…

Get rid of the junk food in your house! If you don’t have someone to give them away to, throw them away! You really are only going to help yourself by getting them OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

Ok, so we’ve covered the list and we’ve covered getting rid of the junk food. The third point I have for making good snack choices is how often you eat them.

Are you eating the typical three times a day and wanting to snack like crazy in between meals? Or are you already eating 6 small meals per day spreading out the calories and your levels of energy?

If you are still on the regular three meals per day plan, you may want to rethink that.

By eating more often, but less, you will cut down on the hunger cravings as you won’t be giving your body a chance to be hungry and will be maintaining high energy levels. This is optimal for your health and your diet success.