Putting an End to Fast Food and Snacks

Before you can even say “snack”, it seems that those extra pounds pile up in a blink of an eye. People love food and it isn’t just a need; it is an element of satisfaction in daily life. Most of the human activities seem to revolve around food, and even when they don’t, they are followed by a meal. So, it is only natural for so many people to get carried away with snacks and fast food without noticing. So what’s the solution? Go on a diet?

Recent studies show that our body is highly flexible when it comes to lifestyles; our bodies are designed to handle stress, danger, and more importantly famine. So nowadays, going on a diet, only makes your body push the big emergency button and try its best to keep you alive. Your body directly sees any dieting efforts as starvation, starts storing any incoming food, and lowers your metabolism.

A common problem is the consumption of fast food, snacks, and soda. Fast food is an expert con-artist when it comes to digestion, your body can’t see that a burger has the caloric equivalent of an entire meal, so it would just ask for more food. So most people eat more, snack on fries, and then drink large amounts of soda. In a matter or a week or so, the fat cells start receiving more goodies to store causing weight gain. A couch potato lifestyle doesn’t exactly help in such a process, since there is no excess consumption of calories.

Snacks are yet another menace to a healthy diet; always at an arm’s reach, they seem like the perfect remedy for a hunger attach. A good idea for a snack would be fruits between meals. You can try apples or bananas, since they are easy to eat – no need for a knife.