Summer Foods and Summer Snacks

Once summer starts and school is out, the number one thing to look forward to is the relaxed schedule you’ll have with no worries about getting the kids ready for school, making lunch, picking them up and dropping them off at their after school activities and what not. But it also means planning summer activities for kids and for those moms who rely on schools to provide a healthy lunch there is the added task of finding healthy food and snacks for the kids. Most kids are likely to turn to pretzels, chips and fizz drinks because they aren’t given a better option.

A lot of people never really plan for a separate kids meal or kids snack and that either means that the kids are running around the supermarket picking whatever has the most sugar or getting snacks from vending machines. Then there are all those summer parties that kids will definitely go to, whether they’re kids’ parties or grown-up ones, the chances that there’s something healthy to eat are small. At parties, there’s either champagne or soda or both and while you can let food like that slide on parties it doesn’t work for everyday summer snacking.

The best thing to do of course is to try and give kids a good menu at their parties at the very least. Instead of soda and fizz drinks serve fresh fruit juice. In summer you have so much fruit available that buying boxes of juice or serving carbonated drinks just isn’t smart. You have a whole world of smoothies and juices out there that’s great not just for parties but for ordinary everyday drinks. Summer is when kids love to play outdoors, it’s the baseball season or some other season and juice and smoothies are the best way the kids can stay hydrated.

Similarly fruit itself can also be a great snack and should be at the top of your menu for parties. Most people find it somewhat tiresome to have to cut so much fruit for a party and just putting it out there doesn’t really give it a wow factor but they can always go for fruit bouquets. Fruit bouquets are fresh fruit arrangements that look like flowers, the fruit can be dipped in chocolate (dark or white). The Peanut butter chocolate bouquet is a good choice, especially for a kids party, the fruit is dipped in peanut butter and chocolate and that gives it that bit festive taste the kids will love.