The Difference Between Alkaline And Acidic Foods

Cancer and other auto-immune diseases are at an all-time high in our nation. One in four Americans will get cancer in their lifetime, and one in three will die from the disease. These are staggering statistics and it has the medical field looking for answers that can slow down the spread of cancer, and other diseases like it. An autoimmune disease affects the “engine” of our system so it cannot put up defenses when a disease comes into the body and because of the damaged cells, ‘free radicals’ multiply in the system and damage entire areas. In cancer, it shows up in breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, etc.

In recent years science has made some interesting discoveries concerning how to prevent these immune diseases, including cancer. One area that was researched is the relationship of your diet to cancer. We all have heard that if you eat well, cutting out junk foods that you’ll be healthier, but we didn’t know why, so we continued eating all these ‘bad’ foods. Using the Pyramid levels of food groups only separates the foods, but creating and maintaining an alkaline system to prevent disease uses the food that you eat to maintain the ph level, and that is different.

When food is eaten, it is taken into the body and digested for its nutrients. There are only two categories of foods when you look at food this way, and junk food is still on the undesirable list because it is all empty calories and has very negative results in your body. This group of foods is the acidic foods, and the list includes all fried foods, foods made with white sugar, white flour, chemicals, and preservatives. These are actually the highly acidic foods, and should never be eaten because they are so toxic to the body. They set the alkaline level in your system to dangerously low numbers, and a high alkaline system is what you want your body to have

it is a system with high ph levels. There are some more acidic foods that can be eaten in moderation, and they include the rest of the acidic foods – lean meats, dairy products, pastas, cheeses, beans and legumes, oils, coffee, soft drinks, fructose and honey. All of these foods are acidic producing, so they should be eaten sparingly in organic or natural form.

The bulk of an alkaline diet should come from the alkaline-producing group. They are vegetables, preferably fresh or frozen, most fruits, nuts and seeds, oats, millet, barley, eggs, organic chicken which has no steroids, herb teas and oriental vegetables. As you can see, this list is full of foods that are healthy for the body, and produce an alkaline environment when digested. A typical diet would include 80% from the alkaline list and only 20% from the acidic list everyday, and this is hard for a generation that has been brought up on the high acidic fast foods and snacks. If we are going to fight cancer and other diseases that come against us, raising the ph level with alkaline foods has been proven to stop the disease cells from multiplying.