Tips to Help You With Successful Snacking

Diet and snacks seems to be one of the most asked about topics of concern when it comes to losing weight. We all have our favorite snacks. Some love the sweet stuff, such as chocolate or cookies, while some of us crave salty, savoury snacks. Unfortunately, whether sweet or savoury, these snacks can slowly but surely add inches to our hips!

Here are some good tips to help you with your diet and snacks.

* 1. Don’t think of snacks as “extras”. Plan ahead and make them a part of your daily diet regime.

* 2. View snacks as “mini-meals”. Think of them in terms of “snacks to fill the cracks”. When you plan your daily menu, use snacks to use up those serves you don’t eat at normal meals. For example, a complex carbohydrate and a fruit.

* 3. Plan your snacks ahead of time – this will prevent you from grabbing the first thing you see.

* 4. Only snack when you are hungry try not to nibble on foods when you are bored or anxious. Chances are, you won’t even taste it. Rather find something else to use up that extra energy, such as taking a brisk walk.

* 5. Pay attention to your snacking. Focus on what you’re eating, and enjoy it. Savour the flavor and texture.

* 6. Be prepared. Keep healthy items such as ProVita, Knorr Cup-a-soup Lite, and fruit in convenient places like your briefcase, desk drawer, and fridge at work. Identify the times and places you are more likely to snack, and have something healthy on hand for those moments.

* 7. Reach for the fruit – these are the perfect solutions for when you’re feeling peckish. Remember to count them as part of your diet serving, and where possible, have whole fruit, rather than fruit juice, to increase your fibre intake.

* 8. Don’t try to be perfect. Denying yourself rarely works. Cutting back on how much you do snack on, is the way to go.